Thoughts on the First Week of College Football

Thoughts about the games I watched today. Unfortunately I can’t watch them all :(

  • Connor Halliday might break (more) NCAA passing records this year.  The NCAA single season passing yards record is 5833 which is an average of 486 yards per game (449 yards if you include a bowl game possibility). Considering how polished Connor looked, how WSU doesn’t pull its foot off the gas in the passing game, and WSU’s tendency to play from behind, I think it’s a great possibility.
  • That being said, WSU needs to work on its defense…badly.
  • West Virginia could make waves in the Big 12 this year, possibly the national landscape. They played Alabama very well and could have won if not for some real elementary mistakes.
  • Alabama is good, but they’re getting used to Life After McCarron along with a new offensive coordinator (Lane Kiffin!). Saban is a brilliant coach so I don’t imagine this will be a lingering problem, but they were sort of shaky against WVU.
  • Georgia looked good. They have a strong line and a nice stable of running backs. I’m wondering which team they will lose to in tragic fashion to wreck their hopes this season.
  • If you didn’t watch Texas A&M @ South Carolina, you missed out. TAMU’s new quarterback showed that Johnny Manziel leaving was not a bad thing, and South Carolina might have knocked themselves out of the playoff discussion with that loss.
  • Oklahoma State is freaky fast.
  • Wisconsin looks good. They have another dual threat QB, a recipe for success in the past that my Seahawks friends are reaping the benefits from (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about…shame on you). I find their offense slow and tedious, but they have running backs in all shapes and speeds. I expect them to compete against Michigan State this year.
  • LSU is trying to be a power running team but I don’t see it. Let Alabama do that, you stick to the spread.
  • No, I mean, Oklahoma State is FAST.

Florida State either regressed, or the Big 12 has all sorts of teams coming out of the woodwork.  Florida State looked flat on offense and defense.  They had to burn timeouts for clock mismanagement and a COMPLETELY busted coverage allowed OKST to close it to a 20-17 deficit halfway through the third quarter.  Their offensive line looked confused and Florida State couldn’t pull together big plays until 3rd & Long. If it weren’t for Winston’s run after a silly penalty by OKST, the rushing game would have been non-existant. The only thing that I see going well for Florida State is the fact that Jameis is a physical specimen and has the ability to change a game whenever he feels like.

Florida State has a tune-up game against The Citadel next week where they get to enjoy some home cooking and gear up for a home game against Clemson (who took a whooping from nouveau-rival Georgia). I suspect they will win this one, but don’t be surprised if they struggle in a similar way. Notre Dame could give them a run for their money as well. However, my bold prediction is that Florida State does not make the playoff this year. If this first game is any indication, they will not be winning games that matter impressively. Their only somewhat tough game is hosting current #17 Notre Dame. Their away games are NC State, Syracuse, Louisville (sans-Bridgewater and Strong), and Miami. Louisville and Miami could be tough opponents. Fortunately, they play each other this upcoming Monday so we will see who stands out.

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