College Football Observations: Week 3

Top Four Teams Recap:

  • Georgia played South Carolina in a heavyweight fight. USC East asserted itself down the field on the opening drive, and that pretty much dictated the tone of the game. Georgia did not look like an “SEC Defense.” The Georgia offense actually looked pretty good despite straying from the running game for part of the matchup. Georgia’s defense simply could not stop what South Carolina was dishing out. Label this game Georgia’s trademark loss on the season.
  • Oregon looked good, it was against Wyoming though. They play Washington State next week…so…
  • Texas A&M played Rice. Moving on.
  • LSU played Louisiana-Monroe and didn’t score a touchdown in the first quarter (one field goal made the score 3-0). It took them a few minutes to nab one in the second (10-0).


  • Alabama rolled over Southern Missouri, as expected.
  • Florida State has a bye week this week to recuperate from a tough game against Citadel. They do, though, play (currently ranked) #23 Clemson next week at FSU. I have called out both FSU and Clemson as shaky suspects this year, Clemson needs this one to have any shot at the playoff (as far-fetched as it may be).


And now, onto some general notes.

  • Washington looked really good against Illinois, but then again it is Illinois. This leads me to believe that either A) Washington has figured out its issues, B ) Illinois is god awful, with a bonus option of: C) Eastern Washington needs to move into the Mountain West Conference.
  • Well, Louisville messed up. I alluded in week one that Louisville could contend to cause trouble for Florida State. I will have to revise that unless we feel comfortable enough to throw Virginia in that category.
  • Virginia Tech lost to Eastern Carolina. That is all.
  • USC had a flimsy first half. They were +1 on the turnover differential but otherwise were unimpressive particularly in the running game. Where the first half was flimsy, the second half was dreadful. Washington fans had a pretty damn good day.
  • UCLA’s Brett Hundley left the game in the first quarter. This contributed to UCLA’s 10-3 deficit at half. In a funny twist, Jerry Neuheisel, former coach Rick Neuheisel’s son, went under center. Considering he doesn’t have much experience, he did ok. However, he’s not Brett Hundley and it left the offense a little one dimensional. That being said, Neuheisel had the game-winning touchdown throw and UCLA held Texas to a failed fourth down conversion. The voters won’t be nice to UCLA though.
  • Where USC fell and UCLA stumbled hard, Arizona State surged. Granted, they took on Colorado, but they now sit pretty to nab the P12 South. No one would have though that Arizona State would have won the coach hiring race a few years ago with Graham, but he has certainly done the most of them.
  • Alabama, Stanford, Oregon, Ole Miss, Ohio State, LSU, Baylor all rolled up on the teams they played this week, as expected.
    • Stanford plays Washington next week, who should still be considering the panic button. Washington, though, could very well show up to this game and beat Stanford.
    • Ohio State whipped Kent State, but Virginia Tech lost to Eastern Carolina (who OSU lost to last week). Using the transitive property of college football, Ohio State still remains in full panic mode.
    • Baylor looked good. They play Iowa State next week who snuck one past in-state, interconference rival Iowa.
    • Ole Miss whipped up on Louisiana-Lafayette. It was kind of boring. But look out for next week when they play Memphis!
      • /sarcasm
    • LSU started off slow, but ended up rolling ULM. Next.


Top 4 + 2

1) Oregon


3) LSU

4) Alabama

5) Baylor

6) FSU

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