College Football Playoff 4: Salvation



See, it’s funny because Terminator 4 was Salvation. Also, Alabama finally made something of their season based on merit, so that’s kind of like salvation.



Well, we can start with the obvious observation…bamaAlabama finally beat a team that was worth something (sorry WVU and TAMU). Unsurprisingly, they were vaulted to #1. Bama still has to make it through Auburn at the end of the season and whatever team wins the proverbial coin flip in the East. I’m banking on Georgia.  I have a fun SEC doomsday scenario at the bottom that you should stick around to read.



I’m actually surprised TCU managed to stay in the Top 6 after a sincerely disappointing performance against Kansas. Kansas hasn’t done anything since hometown hero Todd Reesing played there and they don’t exactly show many signs of life in the near future. I guess the fact they ended up winning after falling behind along with blowing out every other team allowed them a one-week reprieve.



Well, well, well, look at these scrappy Bruins. Just a month ago, they were ranked #22. I made mention that Michigan State were in a similar scenario last year being ranked very low and climbing their way back into the Top 4 by the time the year was done. They don’t have a cakewalk ahead of them, facing #19 USC and Stanford at home. If they win out, they would also have to play Oregon in the P12 championship. I don’t imagine UCLA will get into the playoff if they lose the P12 Championship Game, but they would certainly be in the New Year’s games.



Florida State is so overrated it isn’t funny. However, I’m totally fine with them being #3 right now. If the season ended today, Oregon would play the Seminoles in the first round. Definitely a positive in my book.


SEC Doomsday Scenario

Bama still has to play Auburn. Even though Auburn has slipped this season, they are still a formidable opponent. If Alabama lost to Auburn, then Mississippi State would be back in the saddle if they win out. If Georgia wins out, they will be the SEC East champ and play Mississippi State in the championship. Georgia is no slouch either, proving they are competent with their recent string of games. If Georgia were to win, that would make Bama and Mississippi State effectively eliminated from the playoff (due to the large emphasis on conference champions). The committee also could not reasonably place Georgia ahead of Ohio State and TCU/Baylor (depending on who wins the Big 12) due to them only having one loss if they win out. This would leave the SEC out of the first College Football Playoff and out of the championship game for the first time since 2005 (Texas over USC).

There are a lot of ifs in that scenario, but it is completely feasible! This would also leave the Southeast on fire.

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