How dare you, Tom Brady?

Tom Brady, how dare you? Just when the Patriots were starting to look like an upstanding franchise, you pull this. Where you do get off, huh?

And I’m not talking about the ball deflation. That’s pretty bland as far as cheating goes. I see it as equivalent to pine tar usage by pitchers in the MLB (which has been banned for decades due to player safety concerns [see: spitball]). Michael Pineda (NYY, SP) used pine tar to alter his grip on the ball and he only got a ten game suspension (roughly equivalent to a one game suspension in the NFL). I’m talking about the most dastardly violation a player can do in the NFL: not cooperating with Roger Goodell.

We all know the commish doesn’t like to look a fool. Did you really see this ending well for yourself, Tom? Ray Rice got off with (initially) a two-game suspension because he complied completely. You probably could have gotten off with a $25,000 fine and a lost seventh round pick in next year’s draft had you just owned up to it. But the ego of Tom Brady doesn’t yield. Unfortunately, the ego of Roger Goodell carries a bigger stick, and you got whacked.

Let Tom’s hubris be a lesson for all NFL players. If you tell the truth right away, you will get a very light punishment. Lie, refuse to submit to the queries of the investigator, and otherwise make the NFL Brass look foolish, and you will be taken down a few pegs. I hope it was worth it.

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