Power Ranking Potential NFL Offseason Landing Spots

My buddy AJ made a hot take last night on the best teams who could see a coaching change this offseason. Potential NFL coaches, if you’re reading, take notice:

Honorable Mention: Indianapolis

I don’t think they fire Pagano but if they do this is a franchise that may become the 2010s version of the late 2000s Chargers. Fire somebody, but not Pagano.

5. Kansas City

Manning and Rivers are on the way out of the division and there’s tons of talent on the roster. A new QB could give the offense a spark if the coach knows how to use said talent.

4. New Orleans

This is a division notorious for turnover and up and down seasons, but New Orleans comes into the 21st Century as a premier franchise. Their future Hall of Fame QB may be fading away, but there’s a nucleus of offensive and defensive talent and arguably one of the best home field atmospheres in the league. A new coach would have to bring in a strong staff to scheme against so many different playstyles in the division, but could be a winner sooner rather than later

3. Houston

Wade Phillips isn’t coming back any time soon, but you don’t need him if you’ve got JJ Watt. This team desperately needs a QB and a competent secondary. Although those are tough finds, a heady creative coach could turn this underachiever into a weapon of mass destruction

2. Detroit

The roster has been picked clean lately as lots of talented players have jumped ship. Even with the worst rushing attack in the league and an offensive line that leaks like a sieve, Detroit still feels underrated. The defense is merely average, but the offense is a dumpster fire despite having young talented skill position players and a 5 thousand yard QB. This roster needs better scheme, discipline, and dare I say better personnel management to thrive but they’re much closer than they look

1. Philadelphia

It’s a popular joke that on a losing team the backup quarterback is the fan favorite player. Philly has talent all over the roster, but none of the pieces seem to fit together. A system QB in the wrong system, an offensive line built for power but running gimmicks, a skill position corps asked to either do too little or not enough, a defense strong in the middle but mysteriously weak I’m the front and on the back…

Philly seems like if they just went back to basics with a new vision, they could be among the best in the league…but they likely just need someone who can rule the locker room with an iron fist.

Bonus Round: Worst Landing Spots

3. Tennessee, and Mariota is a cool guy

2. San Francisco, may God have mercy on them

1. Surprise, Surprise : Chicago. Hands down. Barren roster, QB past his prime so few assets and play makers on either side, and a fan base that likes basketball and baseball so much better. Yuck.

You might not agree with him, but that’s just because you’re wrong.

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