Pac-12 Bowl Season Assignments

The regular season is officially over and we can start to clearly see who will be going where. The fact that the Pac-12 is broken up into divisions makes it a little harder, but let’s take a look at what might be.


Rose Bowl

Stanford v. Iowa

So sue me, I’m not on the Iowa hype train. They haven’t played anyone overly powerful and I don’t think they can make it past Michigan State who has experience and talent on their side. I also don’t think that Stanford can make it into the playoffs. Since Sparty would probably make it into the playoff, the berth falls to Big 10 #2.


Alamo Bowl

Southern California v. Texas Christian

As far as I understand it, since Oklahoma will go to the Playoff, Oklahoma State will represent the Big XII in the Sugar Bowl against the SEC’s #2. That means that the Alamo Bowl falls to the Big XII #3, TCU. TCU has had a rough season, falling short without their starting QB Trevone Boykin. He came back and beat Baylor, and will be 100% by the time the Alamo Bowl rolls around. If Clay Helton (USC Coach) wants to keep his job he will need to win this one.


Holiday Bowl

Oregon v. Michigan

The Big 10 have some ridiculous bowl contracts that make it difficult to predict. I think that Ohio State will be going to an at-large bowl (either Fiesta or Peach). That means the Holiday Bowl would (probably?) go to Michigan. With how hot both teams have been at the end of the season, this should be an incredible matchup.


Foster Farms Bowl

Washington State v. Indiana

This one is kind of a coin toss since there are two teams slotted for #4 in the Pac-12 (Utah and WSU) and since the Big 10 wants to confuse anyone trying to make sense of their bowl contracts. However, I think this matchup makes sense over others. They both have exceptional offenses and were just a few breaks from making a serious bowl.


Sun Bowl

Utah v. Miami

Apparently only the Pac-12 has regimented bowl contracts as the ACC has these “we’ll see what we feel like doing” assignments. But this seemed like the best pick of the litter, so…next entry.


Las Vegas Bowl

UCLA v. San Diego State

The Las Vegas bowl will take either the Mountain West #1 or Brigham Young (I assume with the same amount of decision that the ACC and Big 10 choose their bowl assignments). I think the San Diego State crowd would be more willing to travel to Las Vegas than the BYU crowd…or would spend more money on…attractions. I’m just generalizing, though.


Cactus Bowl

California v. Texas Tech

This was a nice and easy one to pick, Pac-12 #7 v. Big XII #6. This might be one of the more exciting games as both teams employ a version of the Air Raid offense.


The Rest…

So, that leaves three more teams who are being left out in the cold: Washington, Arizona, and Arizona State. Well, don’t fret, football fans. I have done the math, and there are enough spots for everyone. Based on spending about two minutes looking at the standings, there are 78 spots and 74 eligible teams. That might be good news for a handful of teams who didn’t get to six wins.

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