The Case for Christian McCaffrey

The Heisman Trophy ceremony is this Saturday and this is the first year since 2009 where we don’t have a clear cut winner (for some reason). In case the big image at the top of this post and the title didn’t clue you in, I’m big on Christian McCaffrey (RB – Stanford). His competition is Travis Henry, probably another overhyped Alabama running back, and Deshaun Watson, the quarterback from #1 Clemson. All I have to do is point to the stats to prove McCaffrey is the best choice of the three:

Player 1:  287/413 (69.5%) passing, 4,404 total yards, 41 total touchdowns, 11 touchdowns

Player 2:  339 rushing attempts, 10 receptions, 2,083 total yards, 23 rushing touchdowns

Player 3:  344 attempts, 19 receptions, 31 Kick/Punt returns, 3,155 total yards, 39 total touchdowns.


Can you guess who player #3 is? No, it’s not McCaffrey, it’s Barry Sanders’ Heisman winning season back in 1988. Christian McCaffrey’s line is:

319 attempts, 41 receptions, 50 Kick/Punt returns, 3,429 total yards, 15 total touchdowns. 

He beat Barry Sanders’ all-purpose yardage record by almost 300 yards this year (going for over 400 total yards in the Pac-12 championship game). Now, he doesn’t have as many touchdowns as Barry or Henry, but that has more to do with the offense that he’s in. Stanford has a notoriously slow offense. They don’t intend to score at will like Oregon or Clemson does (or Barry Sanders’ Oklahoma State). I don’t personally think McCaffrey’s season is better than Sanders’, but it certainly puts into perspective how well he did this year. A friend of mine provided me an image that puts Derrick Henry’s season into perspective:


I think that’s all that really needs to be said.

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