Revisiting My Best Case/Worst Case: UW

I have not written in quite some time but something inspired me to flip through my old articles. In this post, I found something fairly remarkable: the Huskies’ best case. I’ll toot my own horn for a few paragraphs and then I’ll revisit my last prediction.

  • They start their season against lowly Rutgers and proceed to thrash them to the tune of 45-10, all ten points from the Scarlet Knights coming long after the starters and second string were pulled.

Washington ended up winning 48-13, ten of their points did come after the UW starters were pulled, though.

  • The Huskies start their Pac-12 season off with a bit of a rough patch…

This happened, just not exactly

  • In a hard-fought victory, Washington comes away with a 17-13 result over one of the two longtime favorites of the Pac-12 North.

This happened, but more extreme.

  • In a spectacular display, every unit clicks and Washington serves the Ducks a 52-17 loss that appears to be the nail in the coffin of the Chip Kelly era for Oregon. The Ducks fire Mark Helfrich on Monday

I wasn’t too far off.

  • The Huskies continue to roll over Oregon State, Utah, Cal, USC, Arizona State, and Washington State. In the Pac-12 Championship, they beat UCLA 45-28.

I only missed USC, UCLA, and the score.

  • Having cemented their dominance over all the power programs in the conference, they sit pretty at #4 in the country behind Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State respectively.

Spot on.

  • Unfortunately, the Nick Saban Machine is too much for this young Husky squad and they lose by 18 in the first round of the playoffs.

I’m sure anyone who is reading this knows exactly how it turned out.

This season has been unlike any in Washington’s last twenty years. Arguably, the Huskies have the most well-rounded team in the nation (besides the evil empire of Alabama, perhaps). As an Oregon fan, I was able to witness what happens when the Huskies are motivated to perform. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite happen today. The defense had nothing to be ashamed of as they completely contained Alabama except for one long run. The offense looked completely lost. Alabama was dominating the line of scrimmage and Jake Browning either A) didn’t have enough time to throw deep or B) chose not to throw deep when he had the time in the pocket. I was very disappointed in the Huskies’ halftime adjustments, of which there seemingly were none, and was incredibly surprised that the second half seemed much of the same offensively.

This is not a senior-laden team that Washington has. Many, most, of their star players will be returning next year. They are still the Kings of the North and everyone else is chasing them for that spot at the moment. USC, Colorado, Utah, Washington State, and Stanford all had good seasons. Oregon and UCLA both have the talent to compete, as well. One of the hardest things in college sports, in particular, is sustaining success. I think the Huskies are a shoe-in for a Top 5 spot next preseason.


And, hey, they’re not Ohio State right now. That’s gotta count for something.


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