Austin FC Signs Its First Designated Player: Cecilio Dominguez

Cecilio Dominguez is set for a $2.5MM move to Austin, Texas, to join his fellow countryman, Rodney Redes, as Austin FC’s second signing in franchise history.

According to Transfermarkt, he is a 26 year old Paraguayan winger from Independiente (ARG). He’s primarily a left winger and can play on the right in a pinch. He’s right footed which means he is going to play out left and cut inside to provide a goal-scoring threat. He’s played an average of 64.5 minutes per game over 29 games indicating he’s a pretty consistent presence. Independiente is a prominent side in Argentina and the best Argentinian clubs are much better than the best American clubs. Boca Juniors, an Argentinian powerhouse, were also reported to be wanting Cecilio.

His ratings on Football Manager show a winger that cuts inside who is good on and off the ball. He’s speedy, agile, solid dribbling, can take a shot from deep every once in a while but is equally as capable of dishing it to someone else.

The only thing I’m scratching my head on is that he seems to play a similar primary role as Rodney Redes. Rodney is a bit slower, also right footed, and seems to be more raw than Cecilio. That being said, Rodney is only 20 years old and could be a great investment for AFC. Redes is also adept at using his left foot and is wildly versatile. While Redes might not get to play in his primary position, he will certainly have a spot somewhere else and may allow for some tactical versatility. It also doesn’t hurt to have two guys who are (probably) friendly and are from the same country.

We still do not have a great idea for the scheme Josh Wolff and Claudio Reyna have in mind for Austin in 2021 but these two signings do give us a small peek into what the strategy is for players:

  1. Capitalize on value. Both players were bought for less than their Transfermarkt estimate value.
  2. Maximize the value. Redes is 20 years old and was considered a top prospect for his former club while Dominguez is 26, entering his prime years, and has started in Argentina.
  3. Versatile attack. While Redes and Dominguez both are primarily left wingers, Dominguez has minutes at right wing and Redes has played left, right, center, and striker in his career.


As for the future, this team may not see the bankrolls that prominent MLS teams like Atlanta, LAFC, Toronto, or Seattle, but it looks like they favor their chances to build a stepping stone club for South and Central Americans to return on investment. Expect future signings to be shrewd, “Moneyball”-esque signings from south of the border. This doesn’t bode well for the Vincent Janssen dreamers out there.



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