Alex Rodriguez Suspension: Fair or Foul?

Alright, let’s be real here. Alex Rodriguez has to be one of the most hated figures in the entire sports world. While A-Rod is still playing baseball at the moment, he is staring down the barrel of a 211 game suspension. This would be an unprecedented suspension for an active player and the longest since Pete Rose’s lifetime ban. This is much to the hurrah of Yankee fans and the rest of baseball’s constituency alike. However, is there a chance that A-Rod could win his appeal? I actually think there is a chance. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think … Continue reading Alex Rodriguez Suspension: Fair or Foul?

When Does the PED Risk Outweigh the Reward?

Disclaimer, I just got back from flying to Seattle from Indianapolis. If I start to rant or rave a bit, then forgive me. The MLB finally did what people weren’t sure they would do, lay down the hammer on a superstar player caught with his hands in the cookie jar, or the syringe drawer, whatever. Ryan Braun takes a 65 game suspension which will include the rest of the season and the postseason if the Brewers somehow make the playoffs. After adamantly denying his guilt in Rafael Palmiero form, he came forward to the MLB when they presented a stack … Continue reading When Does the PED Risk Outweigh the Reward?

The Fascination of the Phenom

I picked on Yasiel Puig and Bryce Harper on my post about the All-Star Game. While the content of this post is meant to talk about sports media and the casual fan, it will entail breaking down Puig, Harper, and other like players in the process. If you read my last entry, I mentioned that guys like Puig and Harper had a lot of buzz because of sources like ESPN shoving their candidacy down everyone’s throats. While Puig did not make the team (despite ESPN’s best efforts), Harper did. Not only did Harper make the team, he was elected to … Continue reading The Fascination of the Phenom

The Plight of the All-Star Game

Let’s be honest, when you were a kid playing a sports video game it was always so tempting to move the good players to your favorite team. Perhaps you moved the best player at every position to your team so you could play with the scariest team known to man. The idea of superstar squads have always intrigued us sports fans. How many “All-time NFL team” debates have you gotten into with your buddy? Who quarterbacks your team: Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Trick question, the answer is Peyton Manning obviously. Despite the appeal of these elite squads, the All-Star … Continue reading The Plight of the All-Star Game