It’s Still Wildcard Week!

I ran out of time yesterday to fill out the second two games, so here you go: Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers Miami started the year going 1-4 with their lone win over the lowly Browns. Coincidentally, a win against the Steelers started a six game winning streak. A loss against the Ravens broke up that streak, which heralded three wins in a row leaving the Dolphins at ten wins. What’s more remarkable is that the Dolphins lost their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, towards the end of the season and were still able to look competitive. Pittsburgh started the season … Continue reading It’s Still Wildcard Week!

It’s Wildcard Week!

College football is over (save for one game) and we are going headfirst into the NFL Postseason. While we have teams that have been in the driver’s seat for most of the season, there has been no shortage of excitement and weeks 16 and 17 delivered the drama all fans love to see. The Patriots were locked in to a first-round bye for a while now, but David Carr’s broken leg helped them cement homefield advantage. It was also fortuitous for the Kansas City Chiefs, as well, who were able to win the division and ensure a first-round bye as … Continue reading It’s Wildcard Week!