CFB Dream Team Championship

With signing day gone and a long offseason ahead, I wanted to find a way to keep myself entertained with college football. Last offseason I wrote a bunch of posts called “Yes, This Happened” that focused on peculiar games and I wanted to have another thing to occupy my time this offseason.

I started by browsing on Sports-Reference, as I often do, and began looking at team histories and which teams were the best in history. I thought about how cool it would be to sim a league where each team was represented by their best team ever and played through the 2016 schedule, culminating in the College Football Playoff. To accomplish this, I would use Unfortunately, WhatIf only allows for college football teams from 1996 to Present. While not ideal for many programs, I figured that would have to suffice. I went back to Sports-Reference and began finding the best team in history for each program using the Simple Rating System (SRS) provided on the website.

Each week will have its own page and will include an editorial-style synopsis summarizing big events which occurred.


Methodology and Parameters

Team Profiles


Schedule and Preseason Rankings