• Games will be simulated on (WIS). WIS only has teams dating back to 1996, so “best teams” will be selected within that window.
  • Each matchup will be simmed in a best-of-seven format. The clinching game will be used as the box score.
  • “Best teams” will be determined using the SRS system from While SRS has pros and cons, I felt it was one of the most objective methods of measuring over 100 teams from 1996-2016.
    • Exceptions due to outliers:
      • 2014 Arkansas (14.98 SRS) was substituted out for 2010 Arkansas (14.48) after a best-of-seven series head-to-head.
      • 2005 Boston College (12.01 SRS) was substituted out for 2007 Boston College (9.75 SRS) after a best-of-seven series heat-to-head.
      • 1996 North Carolina (17.55 SRS) was substituted out for 1997 North Carolina (16.46 SRS) in a four-game sweep.
      • 2012 Oregon (23.43 SRS) was substituted out for 2014 Oregon (22.22 SRS) after losing 4-1 in a best-of-seven.
      • 2015 San Diego State (6.26 SRS) was substituted out for 2016 San Diego State (5.97 SRS) after losing 4-1 in a best-of-seven.
      • As a side note, 1997 Tennessee (20.87 SRS) swept both 1998 Tennessee (19.96 SRS) and 1999 Tennessee (20.23 SRS).
      • I’m willing to listen to other exceptions before I sim the first week.
    • Preseason rankings will be sorted by best SRS to worst. Top 25 votes will be taken after every round.
  • Teams that had games against Non-FBS teams got moved to Week 0.
    • All teams with Non-FBS games will be randomly paired off (avoiding matchups between conference-mates as to not affect conference standings).
    • Games played in Week 0 will be played at a neutral site.
    • BYU lost their FCS game to normalize all teams to 12 games.
  • Hurricane games were reinstated to their original schedule.