The East Coast Bias

There has long been an assumption held by those of us on the Best Coast that sports media has a favoritism for eastern and central teams (whether conscious or not). This largely affects college teams and the polls. Whether it’s because they don’t have time to watch late night West Coast games or they truly believe that there is something lacking out west, we won’t know. What we can reasonably assume is that something is amiss. In terms of the polls, it can be deduced that there is some bias too. While the Pac-12 is represented by five teams, their … Continue reading The East Coast Bias

Thoughts on the First Week of College Football

Thoughts about the games I watched today. Unfortunately I can’t watch them all :( Connor Halliday might break (more) NCAA passing records this year. ┬áThe NCAA single season passing yards record is 5833 which is an average of 486 yards per game (449 yards if you include a bowl game possibility). Considering how polished Connor looked, how WSU doesn’t pull its foot off the gas in the passing game, and WSU’s tendency to play from behind, I think it’s a great possibility. That being said, WSU needs to work on its defense…badly. West Virginia could make waves in the Big … Continue reading Thoughts on the First Week of College Football