Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and the NFL

Let’s start with something incendiary so that I might be able to draw readers in: Ray Rice’s two-game suspension was appropriate, perhaps too harsh. Alright, now that enough of you are wondering why I believe that, I’ll explain a few things that led me to that conclusion. The NFL is not supposed to be the justice system. Sure, there have been some outrageous suspensions when players are involved in “stupid crimes.” But the NFL have made these special topics of interest to clean up the perception of the league, having written in harsher punishments into their agreements with the NFLPA. … Continue reading Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and the NFL

The Plight of the All-Star Game

Let’s be honest, when you were a kid playing a sports video game it was always so tempting to move the good players to your favorite team. Perhaps you moved the best player at every position to your team so you could play with the scariest team known to man. The idea of superstar squads have always intrigued us sports fans. How many “All-time NFL team” debates have you gotten into with your buddy? Who quarterbacks your team: Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Trick question, the answer is Peyton Manning obviously. Despite the appeal of these elite squads, the All-Star … Continue reading The Plight of the All-Star Game

The Most Eventful Week of 2013

Well, it has been quite a week for sports hasn’t it? Undoubtedly, it has been the most eventful week of 2013. All my picks were wrong for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs except for the New England Patriots beating the Houston Texans in a dominant fashion (hooray, I guess). Baltimore got off to a burning start to make sure Ray’s career didn’t stop at Mile High, Atlanta decided it didn’t want to lose by a point on a not-so-last-second touchdown by Russell Wilson, and San Francisco walloped Green Bay on the legs and arm of one Colin Kaepernick. … Continue reading The Most Eventful Week of 2013

When Coaches Go Pro // It’s A Player’s World

One thing that I am starting to see more and more as each offseason comes and goes is the number of college coaches getting interviewed for the NFL. There seems to be no viable coaching candidates currently coordinating at the professional level. Of course, that cannot actually be true, but there is a lot more buzz about coaches from the collegiate ranks than any NFL coordinators. Why is that though? Typically, college coaches seem to have a far worse success rate than already-in-the-pros coaches. That stereotype is entirely understandable, too, as it is an entirely different game. Just this offseason, … Continue reading When Coaches Go Pro // It’s A Player’s World