College Football Playoff: Instant Impressions

At 4:30 Pacific, the College Football Selection Committee released their first draft of who they believe are the Top 25 teams in the nation. There were some surprises, some no-brainers, but the best part of the rankings being released was the first glimpse into the decision process of the CFB Playoff Committee. On their website, it is mentioned that the committee will emphasize head-to-head wins between teams, strength of schedule (SOS), conference champions, and record versus common opponents. The following are the rankings from the CFB Selection Committee and the AP Poll. The rankings on the left signify the new-era … Continue reading College Football Playoff: Instant Impressions

The SEC is Hilariously Overrated: Revisited

This will not be nearly as long as my posts I made a couple seasons ago. However, I feel the need to address this again. Simply put, the SEC benefits from overinflated rankings from the beginning of the season. Year in and year out, they sport the most Top 25 rankings than any conference. For the most part, they schedule seriously bad cupcakes for out-of-conference, and by the time intra-conference play happens, they’re all 3-0 and the beneficiaries of “Oh look at the SEC go!” When an SEC team loses to another SEC team that it shouldn’t (Let’s say, South … Continue reading The SEC is Hilariously Overrated: Revisited

The Most Eventful Week of 2013

Well, it has been quite a week for sports hasn’t it? Undoubtedly, it has been the most eventful week of 2013. All my picks were wrong for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs except for the New England Patriots beating the Houston Texans in a dominant fashion (hooray, I guess). Baltimore got off to a burning start to make sure Ray’s career didn’t stop at Mile High, Atlanta decided it didn’t want to lose by a point on a not-so-last-second touchdown by Russell Wilson, and San Francisco walloped Green Bay on the legs and arm of one Colin Kaepernick. … Continue reading The Most Eventful Week of 2013