College Football Observations: Week 3

Top Four Teams Recap: Georgia played South Carolina in a heavyweight fight. USC East asserted itself down the field on the opening drive, and that pretty much dictated the tone of the game. Georgia did not look like an “SEC Defense.” The Georgia offense actually looked pretty good despite straying from the running game for part of the matchup. Georgia’s defense simply could not stop what South Carolina was dishing out. Label this game Georgia’s trademark loss on the season. Oregon looked good, it was against Wyoming though. They play Washington State next week…so… Texas A&M played Rice. Moving on. … Continue reading College Football Observations: Week 3

Thoughts on the First Week of College Football

Thoughts about the games I watched today. Unfortunately I can’t watch them all :( Connor Halliday might break (more) NCAA passing records this year. ┬áThe NCAA single season passing yards record is 5833 which is an average of 486 yards per game (449 yards if you include a bowl game possibility). Considering how polished Connor looked, how WSU doesn’t pull its foot off the gas in the passing game, and WSU’s tendency to play from behind, I think it’s a great possibility. That being said, WSU needs to work on its defense…badly. West Virginia could make waves in the Big … Continue reading Thoughts on the First Week of College Football

SEC Strength, or Lack Thereof? (Final Segment)

This is a three part series addressing the SEC and the perceived dominance over college football. The other two parts are linked below: East Edition West Edition ————————————————————————————— So far we have broken down the eastern conference and the western … Continue reading SEC Strength, or Lack Thereof? (Final Segment)

Jadeveon Clowney is a Grown-Ass Man

It only took eleven hours (if you’re keeping track on EST) to see what could possibly have been the biggest hit of 2013. Jadeveon Clowney absolutely crushed Michigan’s halfback after getting through the line with minimal resistance. Not only did he obliterate the opponent, not only did he knock his helmet clean off his corn-rowed head, after the hit and forced fumble he looked over at the unmanned football and snapped it up with his one hand. Clowney is 6’6″, 256 lbs. according to ESPN. As any athlete who has had his height and weight taken knows, coaches add five … Continue reading Jadeveon Clowney is a Grown-Ass Man