Chapter Seventeen – Back in the War Room

Going into this draft, I was very unsure of where to draft. Not because we had tons of holes, but because I didn’t know of a position that needed filling. I was getting pressure on bringing a DB into the game, but we also lost a defensive end and I would have liked to pick one up. Tavares Gooden disappointed last year, not doing as much as I would have liked.

There was an excellent selection at the ninth pick. I looked at Chris Galippo, MLB from USC, Harrison Smith, FS out of Notre Dame, Kapron Lewis-Moore and Armond Armstead out of Notre Dame and USC respectively. There were quite a few options. With how we did last year, I really wanted to make a “sexy” pick, like Aldarius Johnson or Jeff Demps. But I knew that we didn’t need a wide out or a running back. We needed substance. After a long deliberation, we decided we needed to trade our pick away, we truly didn’t need a 9th overall pick, and we could find some talent out on the open market.

We worked out a deal with the Ravens to send our 9th pick to them for the 17th pick in Round 1 and 2, and pick up a severely disappointing Julio Jones, along with his cap budget, in return. I liked the flexibility it gave us. We were still in the good portion of the talent pool, while picking up another pick, and a kid who could have promise (especially if Braylon wanted out of Cleveland). If he didn’t pan out, oh well, we weren’t desperate for a wide receiver at this moment.

So with the 17th pick rolling around, we decided to pick up a DE, a position that had long since been neglected on our team, and could use a fresh face. Either Kapron Lewis Moore or Armstead would be our choice. They were similar weights, Armstead was 25 pounds heavier, but Lewis-Moore had a quicker step and was able to put up 7 more reps than he. After it was all said and done, we picked up Lewis-Moore, as it seems we like to do these days. Another Fighting Irish was added to our team.


2012 Draft Results
Oakland – Travis Lewis – ROLB – Oklahoma
Tampa Bay – Jermie Calhoun – HB – Oklahoma
Miami – Trevor Robinson – LG – Notre Dame
Seattle – Josh Oglesby – RT – Wisconsin
Washington – Donta Hightower – MLB – Alabama
Detroit – Josh Jenkins – LG – West Virginia
Jacksonville – Bradley Sowell – LT – Ole Miss
Houston – Sam Proctor – SS – Oklahoma
St. Louis – Brandon Beachum – HB – Penn State
New York Giants – Marcus Forston – DT – Miami
Kansas City – Michael Brewster – C – Ohio State
Denver – Aldarius Johnson – WR – Miami
Buffalo – Kyle Hix – RT – Texas
San Francisco – Harrison Smith – FS – Notre Dame
Atlanta – Chris Galippo – MLB – USC
Indianapolis – Keenan Robinson – LOLB – Texas
Baltimore – Jeff Demps – HB – Florida
New York Jets – Austin Box – MLB – Oklahoma
Green Bay – Patrick Peterson – CB – LSU
Cleveland – Kapron Lewis-Moore – DE – Notre Dame
Philadelphia – Jaye Howard – DT – Florida
Cincinnati – Armond Armstead – DE – USC
Arizona – Josh Oglesby – HB – Virginia Tech
Carolina – Josh Chapman – DT – Alabama
San Diego – Dan Buckner – WR – Texas
Tennessee – Courtney Upshaw – LOLB – Alabama
Dallas – Brandon Harold – DE – Kansas State
Minnesota – Eddie Pleasant – OLB – Oregon
Chicago – Robert Blanton – CB – Notre Dame
New England – Ryan Van Bergen – DE – Michigan
New Orleans – Curenski Gilleylen – WR – Nebraska
Pittsburgh – Sealver Siliga – DT – Utah

Cleveland Picks
Kapron Lewis-Moore – DE – Notre Dame
Ben Wells – SS – Texas
Brent Vinson – CB – Tennessee
Mark Asper – RG – Oregon
AJ Green – WR – Georgia
Malachi Lewis – TE – Oregon
Lawrence Guy – DT – Arizona State
Marcus Robinson – DE – Miami
Justin Tucker – P – Texas

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