Chapter Three – Reloading, Part Two

Draft Day 2010

All these months of whiteboards and magnetic name strips leading to this day in New York City. With the second pick it would be easy to get a big name. The question was which big name. With our main concerns on the line and a safety, we were looking at a few people for the first pick. A few linemen we wanted were Sergio Render out of VT or Brandon Carter out of TTU, but we were really looking at Taylor Mays to help the secondary. Having him back there would lock down the left side of the field for years to come. Our draft board looked a little like this:

FS Taylor Mays, USC (CA)
G Sergio Render, VT
G Brandon Carter, TTU
OLB Eric Norwood, USC (SC)
MLB Brandon Spikes, UF
RB Stafon Johnson, USC (CA)
RB LaGarrette Blount, UO

Those were our viable picks for the number two pick. People in Cleveland were really hyped up about Bradford, Tebow, Shipley, you know… the flashy Heisman contenders. But seeing what I saw out of Brady and Braylon, I knew our problem wasn’t with the offensive skill positions. We were very prepared to take Taylor Mays, and considering Houston signed Elam away from us we figured they wouldn’t need Mays. They could always use a lineman or another corner.

Roger Goodell opened up the draft with his usual speech and commencement. He left and came back within a minute, which was a little odd for the teams not to take the full time.

“With the first pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select…

Taylor Mays, Safety out of the University of Southern California

Our draft room sighed, groaned, mumbled a few obscenities. A little disheartened about the unexpected pick, we had to start figuring which of the other studs we’d choose from. Knowing Lewis had at least another productive year, we scratched off Blount and Johnson (something we hoped wouldn’t come back and bite us). After a lot of deliberation, and going down to about 1:25, we decided on a player who definitely could help shape our future, even next year, if he was as good as he looked on the field.

“With the second pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Sergio Render, Guard out of Virginia Tech University.

2010 First Round
1) Houston – Taylor Mays, FS USC
2) Cleveland – Sergio Render, G VT
3) Chicago – Trinton Sturdivant , T Georgia
4) Tampa Bay – Russell Okung, T Oklahoma State
5) Kansas City – Adam Ulatoski, T Texas
6) Buffalo – Ciron Black, T LSU
7) Oakland – Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
8) Atlanta – Eric Norwood, OLB South Carolina
9) Detroit – Brandon Spikes, MLB Florida
10) Washington – Charles Scott, HB LSU
11) MIami – Charles Alexander, DT LSU
12) Dallas – Zane Beadles, T Utah
13) St. Louis – Jordan Shipley, WR Texas
14) Indianapolis – Dominique Franks, CB Oklahoma
15) Philadelphia – Ryan Stamper, MLB Florida
16) San Diego – Kyle McCarthy, SS Notre Dame
17) Seattle – Stafon Johnson, RB USC
18) Minnesota – Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
19) Baltimore – Brandon Carter, G Texas Tech
20) New York Jets – LaGarrette Blount, HB Oregon
21) Cincinnati – AJ Edds, OLB Iowa
22) New York Giants – Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB Texas
23) Jacksonville – Ed Dickson, TE Oregon
24) Carolina – Jared Odrick, DT Penn State
25) Arizona – Kyle Calloway, T Iowa
26) Denver – Sean Lee, MLB Penn State
27) New Orleans – Justin Woodall
28) Pittsburgh – Kam Chancellor, FS VT
29) Green Bay – Terrence Cody, DT Alabama
30) Tennessee – Tim Tebow, QB Florida
31) New England – Riley Cooper, WR Florida
32) San Francisco – Patrick Robinson, CB Florida State

Other Notables
Joe McKnight, HB USC to Minnesota Pick 42
Jahvid Best, HB Cal to San Diego Pick 48
Randy Phillips, S Miami to Carolina Pick 56
Colt McCoy, QB Texas to Tampa Bay Pick 164

Mr. Irrelevant: Boris Lee, MLB Troy to San Francisco Pick 224

Browns 2010 Picks
1) Sergio Render, G Virginia Tech
Needed a FS badly, but Mays was gone. Also needed lineman depth and help. Render should bolster the right side of the line significantly, allowing breathing room for the pass and lanes for the run.

2) Walter Thurmond, CB Oregon
Again, needed a FS, but there were none fit for 2R 2nd Pick. A CB prospect helps the pass defense, and maybe could move a CB to FS if needed.

3) TJ Ward, FS Oregon
Finding a diamond in the rough, TJ Ward was a much needed pick after neglecting to pick up a FS after Will Allen’s departure. Should shine, or at least be a band-aid until another solution is had.

4) Reggie Carter, MLB UCLA
An all-around middle linebacker, should complement D’Qwell in the middle.

5) DeMarco Murray, HB Oklahoma
Got lucky after a major injury put him on the Do Not Touch list. Having him as Lewis’s backup will help the depth of talent at HB, as well as bring a new dimension to running the ball.

6) Eric Berry, SS Tennessee
Considered by many as the Defensive Player of the Year, fell short of huge expectations and hurried his career into the professional ranks. Hopefully he can break out of the disappointing junior year.

7) James Aldridge, FB Notre Dame
Sentimental pick really. But he can help us out in the running game, a very viable H-Back.

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